Designed for kinds,Blues and Rockabilly, but at the same time versatile thanks to it's characteristics, transparent, dynamic , the minimalist layout offers high compatibility with each stompbox, the final 6L6 copy reports to the most American classic sounds,

also available in the new HF version with EL34 ending with British flavor, keeping the main features of the head

Specification :

5AR4 tube rectifier
2 X 6L6 cathode bias power amp

2 X EL34 cathode bias power amp (HF version)

12AX7 phase inverter

2 X 12AX7 preamp

2 X output parallel speaker
4/8/16 ohm impedance variator
Clear fx loop

Size :

L 480  

P 250

H 230

Weigth : 12,00 kg

Price : 1510 euro