Blues Cream's King

Designed to meet the needs of bluesmen, it offers some

creamy tones, full-bodied, rich in harmonics. The 2x 6L6 output stage with its custom output transformer grants a very generous headroom, for a responsive and dynamic sound, a vintage style tone in the purest American


Specification :
40 watt single-channel
5AR4 tube rectifier
2x 6L6gc cathode bias power amplifier
12AX7 phase inverter
1 x 12AX7 pre

Control :Gain/ Bright Boost,Bass,Treble,Master Brilliance
2 x output parallel speaker
4/8/16 ohm impedance variator
Trasparent passive  fx loop
L 480mm
P 240mm
H 230mm
weight 11,8kg
Price 1839 €