The Flaminia was designed entirely around the Blackbird 40, the new performing alnico by Jensen, this allowed to find the right balance between vintage and modern tone, enhancing the versatility characteristics that make this amplifier unique. Its three gain stages have been carefully calibrated, so you can get both clean and sweet crunch working with the master control. Single knob tone control is basic but effective and with control support brilliance you can always get the right setting Finally the formidable deep and defined and enveloping tremolo completes this fantastic combo

Specification :
18 watt single-channel with tremolo

Solid Pine cabinet
Solid state  rectifier
2x 6V6GT cathode bias power amplifier
12AX7 phase inverter
2 x 12AX7 preamp 

Control: Gain, Tone, Master, Speed,Intensity, Brill

Speaker options :
Jensen  BB40
L 500mm
P 270mm
H 360mm

weight 14,2kg

price : 2030 €