The design of the speakers is a delicate and important point, we have designed and built cabinets to have the perfect matching with our heads, so as to enhance the tonal characteristics that characterize our products.

Stratos mathced Cab 1X12

Solid Pine fixed baffle 

Available whit :Jensen C12/100RT 0r C12/75NH 

Size & weight

570mm x 430mm x270 mm

10,5 Kg

Price: 475€

Beta matched cab 1X12

Solid Pine floating baffle

 Available whit :Jensen C12/N 0r C12/75NH

Size & weight

400mm X 530mm X 24/27mm


Price  459€

B.C.K. matched cab 2X12

Solid Pine floating baffle

 Available whit :Jensen C12/K & C12/75NH

Size & weight

640mm X 530mm X 27mm


Price 666€